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Reopen after the 2022 New Year

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Phew, gone the quarantine. The campus will be fully operational after the new year with minor restrictions.

“Students are advised to take part in the compulsory vaccine awareness program. Herd immunity does not mean the entire herd; vaccination certificates are must for attending school”

You will be hearing a bunch of instructions on the go to make our school a much safer place for you and your loved ones.

What's next?

As we informed before, everyone, including parents, should be vaccinated before entering school. As per the Indian Health Ministry, families can choose COVISHIELD or COVACCINE, and none other vaccines are considered fine. Also, two children are permitted to seat at a four-seat bench for social distancing concerns. Here's a checklist for reopening!

Two masks for every day

Personal non-alcoholic sanitizer

Handkerchief Water bottle (public water booths are taken down from the campus)

The above resources are available free for the students, and they are requested not to abuse the abundance.

- Principal

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