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For the Parents

The student body is a result of hundreds of understandings and trusts kept by individual parents. This level of cooperation is often impossible, and we are highly grateful for the parenthood to make this happen—happening.

Safety First

When it comes to safety, it is mandatory not for only students but also for their parents; vaccination is a prerequisite to entering school. Parents are requested to turn on their masks while inside the campus. Parents are asked to stay in the pickup lobby until all kids are out. Sadly, we cannot allow any parent inside the classroom even with these tight precautions. If necessary, parents are kindly told to book an appointment with the concerned teacher only via the principal.

Arriving at School

Every student must be inside the doors before the second bell is up, i.e. 8:45 AM. Any later than that is believed to be late attendance and subsequent late attendance for three days is answerable. For grades above 9, students are expected to be settled in the classroom at 7:45 AM and shall not be late without valid reasons. School bus students are exempted from these rules as the bus seldom arrives late. NCC cadets are meant to be at 6:30 AM on the day of the parade (no transport service provided). Cycle students must properly park before the prayer starts. No vehicles other than bicycles can students allowed to drive to the campus. Punctuality is a highly regarded virtue in our school, so violation is intolerable.


Since we have students from all backgrounds, equality is more necessary than regulation. As the attire varies from grade to grade, we cannot list them here; a dress code PDF will be posted in the near future. Make-ups, Brown belts, Hair dresses other than double plot or taper-cut, Wild perfumes, Office shoes, and Colored socks are displeasing. Fancy possessions of usual things that upset your friends are also unembraced.

Holidays & Absence

We follow a determined calendar that is printed in the Handbook. Any unforeseen changes are likely to be informed in the diary as a short note or SMS to the registered mobile phone. A medical certificate is essential for subsequent leaves of more than three days. All absences must be formally informed with a leave letter beforehand, including morning and evening classes. Attendance less than 80% and additional days leave before or after holidays are inexcusable. Parents are required to drop off and pick up their kids if they applied for half a day's leave—this rule is unbending.

Schools Menu

The mess, as we call it here, is a non-periodical yet seasonal food service department. Hostelers, Staff, and Students who pre-enrolled are billed on a monthly basis. It is a omnivorous diet, and everyone on the campus can obtain a mess pass (no breakfast) for a fee of 50 before 12 PM. Some miscellaneous guidelines are as follows, Outside food and parceling are not allowed, Plates must be loose-washed by self, Buffet system is piloted, Free RO supply, spilling and playing are penalised. Eat whatever you want, how much you want, but do not waste food.

#respectfood #worldhunger

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