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Learning has not always been the same. Today one cannot learn all from textbooks or all from a mentor. The sweet balance between both is what we call learning. Students should feel incentivised to wet their feet in the lake of new intellectuals. We admire and assure your kids' success regardless of significance.

A school is the only years-long place that a child could complete even before one's cognisance; it is applied to all students irrespective of their academic backgrounds. So make a few things that you remember for a lifetime and stay miraculous.

Online Classes for All

It was a hard lesson taught by this pandemic. And we had to completely switch our gears to stay on track with uninterrupted education. Here at SSM, we are proud to say that we offered schooling like the one experienced in the classroom, and we did that at the earliest of times. Classes were fulfilled by live sessions, occasional tests, and google meets.


Pre-K and K

Put simply, Kindergarteners are attending our campus like an amusement park. Making new friends and classroom behaviour are the cardinal things taught here. As our tool is Montessori, we help and entertain children with trained young faculty for the lovely goal of showing up at the school the next day with excitement.

Grades 1-5

Here we try our best to take out children from the inertia of mobile phone education and provide a social engagement in the totality of circumstances. Handwriting, Spoken sentence formation, and exposure to real schooling is a primary aspect of this department. As the faculty ratio reduces now, students enhance listening while learning cooperation with teams.

Grades 6-9

From trousers to pants! These adolescents are who make our school a school. Though grades fluctuate throughout this period, boys and girls never stop questioning every scope. This is the hub where all talents and intolerances are redirected to sports and extracurriculars. Self-reflection and the hunt for true colors are what the foundation of this sector. Survival of the enthused.

Grades 10-12

Let's hope our kids have learned to control their Amygdala—to some extent. Time to see this world through a different lens. Grades are a determining factor in these years and for further higher education. The school time is also extended from 7 to 9 hours. Always catch up with good friends to stay on track. Social Morals, Discipline, and Work Ethics are crucial traits that are put to test in this arena. Only salient activities are permitted, and any new exploration stops here. But have fun!

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