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We heartfully appreciate you for taking time to consider our school in the first place. We acknowledge ​your valuable interest and try to make this journey as creamy as possible. Parents are obliged to read this entire article wherein all guidelines are scribed with much love and on a time efficient path.

We hope that you will be fully informed and always take the best sense from our terms and conditions. Parents can call us us at: +91 81444 84884 anywhere between 9:30 AM and 4:00 PM.


How to apply

New admissions are carried out in a two-phase method viz, Vijayadashami and Regular. Each is special in its own way and has no added benefits over the other. Applications are filled at the campus along with a student profile (writing assistance will be granted) and your children shall be admitted the very next day upon satisfaction.

Parents are encouraged to bring their kids on this day, and merit certificates from recognised academic institutions are also welcomed.

For NEET and JEE crash courses please contact us before appearing.


This practice is chiefly undertaken by our primary education department and is almost always restrained for children under fifth grade. This admission cycle is flexible, and kids might be admitted even after the deadline (Mid October).


Parents who chose SSM shall contact our kind admission faculty via phone and book an appointment with the followings:


  • Birth Certificate

  • Aadhaar Card

  • Community Certificate

  • Transfer Certificate (if not seeking admission to Kindergarten)

Regular Admission

New admissions from grades six to nine and eleven fall in this category. All students must have been enrolled before Jun 1 for each academic year. If subjected, a formal yet basic entrance exam will be conducted. Once after matriculation, the change of sections (ABC) is strictly against our policy; all allotted sections are final.


11th admission shall not be granted, or allowed to choose a course until SSLC marks are out—This applies to all new and pursuing students. Every scholarship is fully merit-based. Prospecting in 10th, 12th, and unseasonal admission for all grades, the parents are requested and instructed to consult the principal for clearance. Fees, hosteling and transport services are discussed in the financial office, not in the admissions committee. Applying early may smoothen the admission process and help your kids to blend with our culture.


Background checks for prospecting students are conducted but not limited to fee arrears in local schools, criminal history, expulsion from previous institution because of conduct.


Parents who chose SSM shall contact our kind admission faculty via phone and book an appointment with the followings (discrepancies shall not be entertained):


  • Birth Certificate

  • Aadhaar Card

  • Transfer Certificate

  • Community Certificate

  • X Marksheet (must if possessed)

  • XI Marksheet (must if possessed)

Tuition & Fees
Student Billing
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