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Our School

Established in 1979, our institution holds the torch of wisdom in Komarapalayam, a suburb along the banks of the lush Cauvery River. From that day till today, we ornament kids who impact our community and emphasize learning throughout their lifetime.

Come taste the joy of learning.


Principal’s Welcome

On behalf of our community, I welcome all parents for the new academic year. Choosing the right school for your child is a momentous decision, and I trust the accompanying information will assist you and your child.


At SSM, we pride ourselves on getting the best from our students. Parent-focus groups and feedback from the feeder at the primary section have indicated six important expectations parents have.


  • Personalised and effective teaching and learning.

  • A safe, supportive, and stimulating learning environment.

  • Pleasant, respectful, and helpful staff.

  • A wide variety of subject choices and co-curricular activities.

  • Effective student well-being and disciplined procedures.

  • Attractive and well-maintained facilities.


At our school, we value and take pride in our achievements in each of these six areas. The growth of each individual student is a focus, we recognise that as we work together and learn together, students will be able to achieve their potential. The co-operative effort of students, parents and teachers is at the heart of the learning pathways followed by our students and the outcomes they achieve.



The expectations for our students are high at our campus. We firmly believe that every girl and boy can experience success and go on to as responsible, resilient, and confident young adults, well prepared to take charge of their future and to become productive members of the community.

We aim to provide excellence in all our education programs. High expectations are reflected through high levels of student responsibility and conduct and in students' high success rate in relation to entrance to tertiary education & employment.

We are certain that you will find SSM Lakshmi Ammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School to be an excellent decision, and we go to all extent for you to hold on to that belief.

Vision & Values

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Courage

Faculty & Staff

A true teacher is one who seizes every opportunity of being a student.

Mr. A Parthiban

Vice Principal

Mrs. N. Anushuya

Head of IT

Carl Peterson

Administrative Officer

Alex T. Yang

Head Teacher

Aiden Henderson

XI - XII Coordinator

Jenifer Henny

IX - X Coordinator

Maria Jameson

VI - VIII Coordinator

Dianna Jervis

I - V Coordinator

Trent Roman

Head of Kindergarten

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